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The SmartSleep program


The widespread use of smartphones at night is a matter of public health concern. Sleep is a nightly process of biological restitution and disruption of this process may lead to severe health consequences. Smartphones are easily carried into bed and offer multiple facilities that may disrupt sleep. The widespread and increasing use of smartphones at night provides an interesting analogy to experimental sleep studies, which show physiological dysfunctioning in study participants who are awakened repeatedly. The SmartSleep program will document the health consequences of smartphone interrupted sleep and provide the evidence base for large-scale interventions. We hypothesize that smartphone interrupted sleep adversely affects health behaviors, increase the risk of multisystem physiological dysregulation and obesity and may result in sub-optimal mental health and reduced fertility in young adulthood. The SmartSleep study is the first study to combine multi-channel smartphone data with a richness of clinical health measurements and thereby provide depth to our understanding of potential health consequences of the massive smartphone usage.


To empirically test this, we will create a data set of unprecedented size and resolution on smartphone interrupted sleep based on a pioneering combination of high resolution sensor-driven smartphone data and in-depth clinical examination in a population of young men and women.

Contact person: Naja Hulvej Rod (

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